Jumpin' Noordwijk is a varied indoor fun park of 1000m2. The park features a Maincourt, Tumbling lane, Big Air Bag, High Performance Trampolines, WallRider, Valo Jumpin', F1 racing simulators and BounceTrack. A bounce track? Hell yes! A course in which you have to jump, climb and dive as quickly as possible over, between, through and under obstacles. In short, extremely challenging! Can you set the fastest time?

The renovated park is particularly suitable for children aged 8 and older. Are you younger and would you still like to visit our park? Click here to see on which days and hours the park is accessible to you.


How does it work?

Our sessions always start on the hour. Make sure you are present 5 to 10 minutes in advance, so that you can start on time. You will receive a wristband from us, appropriate to the reserved hour.

Expand your Jumpin’ experience?

Expand your Jumpin' experience with a trampoline step or softboard. Pay only € 2.50 per 15 minutes and practice the coolest tricks!

You can also use our F1 racing simulators. Feel like Max Verstappen for a moment and break your own record!

  • 6 minutes € 3,50
  • 12 minutes € 6,00
  • 30 minutes € 13,50
  • 60 minutes € 24,50